Zoids Mega Battlers Wave 1 Set of 4 Figures

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This includes all four figures from Wave 1.

In the Zoids Wild animated series, Zoids beasts are massive mechanical creatures that resemble animals we know today. While many roam free, others have been captured by the evil Dark Metal Empire who hack their systems and force them to be their weapons. The heroic Team Freedom have banded together with Zoids partners to fight the Dark Metal threat.

Zoids figures are building toys that battle.

Each figure includes a detailed battle mat where Mega Battlers figures can face-off in epic battles! Each Zoids figure comes with an attachable human partner figure.

  • 29 Pieces to build Pincers
    • Router figure
    • Battle mat
  • 27 Pieces to build Rapterrix
    • Deleters figure
    • Battle mat
  • 35 Pieces to build Phobia
    • Snare figure
    • Battle mat
  • 33 Pieces to build Needle
    • Battalia figure
    • Battle mat
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