KFC EAVI METAL P-4AX Transistor (New - Pure Red Metallic Version) and HiFi

From KFC comes their homage to Blaster, Transistor, in a rad new paint job Raoul would be proud of!  This figure is painted in PURE RED metallic, unlike the original metallic release.

  • Never before released pure red paint in a metallic finish for a more G1 accurate look with some style!
  • Perfect homage to G1 Blaster and Rewind
  • Scales with the Transformers Masterpiece collections
  • Perfect nemesis to MP Soundwave
  • Chest opens to hold cassette minions
  • Can hold up to 3 cassettes (G1, 3rd party, MP)
  • Includes:
    • Transistor figure
    • Cartoon head
    • Toy head
    • 2 Buster guns
    • 2 Trumpet speakers
    • HiFi Cassette (Rewind) figure
    • 2 Small HiFi guns
    • Clear cassette box
    • Bio card
    • Comic book
    • Manual
419   – Reward points
  • $167.95

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