About Us


Welcome to Agabyss.com. Like many of you I have been a life long fan of The Transformers. Agabyss is a concerted effort of my closest friends, and family. We work hard to provide excellent prices, and unparalleled customer service.

Agabyss Recycles

Theres more green to us then just our shirts and our theme. Don't look for a custom Agabyss shipping box, because we know there's only one Earth! We re-use 90% of the shipping material we recieve, and recycle boxes from other local business to send out your packages. Don't worry we only use the strongest & safest boxes for your shipments. Any boxes that don't make the cut are taken to our local recycling center. So look out, you may get a Takara Masterpiece master case, or an Amazon box, you never know.