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Convention Policies


Health & Covid 19 Policy 

BotCon 2022 takes the health of our attendees and staff very seriously. The convention presented by Agabyss will be in full compliance with all current CDC guidelines in respect to Covid-19 and the current pandemic. At this time we have taken the added step of requiring masks for anyone entering the showroom/display areas at BotCon 2022. 

We strongly advise all attendees to read all the current guidelines and to follow all recommendations.

Please continue to check back here as we update our link to the current policies. Please note all policies are subject to change based on the current CDC recommendations. We will also follow all procedures that are put in place by our partner hotel Embassy Suites and the guidelines set forth by the State of Tennessee.

The safety of our attendees, volunteers, vendors, and is staff priority number one.


Safety & Harassment Policy

BotCon has a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, both in person and online. While we understand that nearly all attendees at the show will be there to participate in the best of what the TF and Robot fandoms have to offer, it is also important to understand that as with ANY social event, a select few people may engage in behavior that is unacceptable. If you are being harassed or are in any way endangered, this needs to be reported immediately. Please find the nearest BotCon staff member or volunteer to report any unwanted comments, physical contact, or any other activity that makes you feel that your well being is at risk. BotCon staff and volunteers will be easily identifiable with their BotCon branded staff shirts.

If, at any time, you feel that your personal safety or the safety of others is in immediate jeopardy, please contact the Nashville Police Department via 911. The Nashville Police Department non-emergency phone number is 615-862-8600.

The full list on BotCon 2022 convention polices will be updated prior to open registration. Please bookmark this page for the latest info.