KFC EAVI METAL Phase 9-A Kingorilla & Kongor Restock

  • Restock of KFC Kingorilla!
  • Kingorilla is based on G1 Apeface
  • In scale with the Transformers Masterpiece collections
  • Triple changer! Transforms from robot to ape to jet
  • Kingorilla's head (Kongor) transforms into a mini robot driver that can ride Kingorilla in jet mode
  • Die-cast parts!
  • Clear jet windows
  • Control board lights up when canopy of jet is opened (CR2025# batteries needed)
  • LED guns that can light up with LR626# batteries
  • Includes:
    • Kingorilla
    • Kongor (head)
    • 2 LED guns
    • 2 Thruster effect pieces
    • Clear flight stand
    • 2 Magnets
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  • $158.95

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