KFC Eavi Metal Phase Seven A: Ditka

  • Based on G1 Blitzwing
  • Stands about 9.5 inches tall in robot mode
  • Triple changer! Transforms from a robot to a Mitsubishi 74 type tank to a Mig-25 Jet
  • Includes
    • Light up sword
    • Diecast joints
    • Diecast Feet
    • Long extendable feet for stable posing
    • Clear jet mode stand
    • G1 foldable gun (under wing storage)
    • Silver comic head and cartoon head
    • On-sprue missile and racks for custom and DIY
    • Football from cartoon scene
    • Missile shooting gimmic
    • Turret can be dismantled
  • Also includes replacement parts for knee and ankle stability
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