KFC Eavi Metal Phase Six A & B: Crash Hog & Dumpyard

  • Based on G1 Wreck-Gar & another Junkion
  • Features rubber tires and die-cast parts!
  • Stands in scale with Masterpiece series
  • Figure stands just over 8 inches tall in robot mode
  • Interchangable head, chest, and arms gives you the ability to create different combinations
  • Transforms into a motorcycle
  • Motorcycle's front wheel has two individual transformations allowing for different looks in bike bode
  • Numerous ports all over the figure allow for various options for weapon attachment 
  • Crash Hog includes: 
    • three guns
    • small TV
    • two exhaust pipe connections
    • comic book
  • Dumpyard includes:
    • two guns
    • knife
    • two shields
    • shoulder spike armor
    • two exhuast pipe connections
    • comic book
    • Fuel Tank Drum
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  • $167.95

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