SND-01 Primo Vitalis Upgrade Kit for CW Optimus Prime

  • Battle Mask (a bigger head for combined mode!)Upgrade kit for the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime
  • Makes CW Optimus larger!
  • Includes:

Replacement Head
Chest/Torso Armor
2 Shoulder Armors
Waist Armor
2 Leg Extenders/Thigh Armor
2 Lower Leg Armors
2 Upgraded Feet (with two-way ankle tilts!)
Sword (with swappable blades; choose from short sword, longsword or axe!)
Battle Mask (a bigger head for combined mode!

  • Combiner wars Optimus Prime (pictured) sold separately 

*Box may have wear, Item in new in unopened box, but the tape has broken.

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