Gundam Robot Spirits Crossbone X1 Kai Evolution-Spec

Crossbone Gundam X1/X1 Kai joins the Robot Spirits! The second release in the new Evolution-Spec series, developed based on a decade of accumulated technological know-how. Stylishly envisioned to faithfully capture its on-screen appearance and incorporating natural posability, it also comes packaged with a huge number of accessories.

This is the definitive portrayal of the dramatically-styled character, including such trademark features as a Beam Zanber and Buster Gun that can be combined into the Zanbuster! The Heat Daggers can be stowed on the thighs and option parts let you display the Scissor Anchors in launch formation.

  • Stand 5.11 inches
  • ABS and Plastic
  • Combine Beam Zanber and Buster Gun into the Zanbuster
  • Part of the Robot Spirits series
  • Based on the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam manga
  • Includes:
    • Crossbone X1 figure
    • 4 Pairs of hands
    • 2 Beam sabers
    • 2 Heat daggers
    • 2 Scissor anchors
    • 2 Brand markers
    • 2 Beam shields
    • Buster gun
    • Beam zanber
    • Cape
    • 2 Screw whips
    • 2 Face parts
    • Grenades
    • Tamashi stage stand joint
197   – Reward points
  • $78.95

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