MP-44 Convoy Optimus Prime 3.0

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  • All new figure to celebrate 35 years of Transformers!
  • Transforms from robot to Truck
  • Trailer unfolds to become Battle Station and Repair Bay!
  • Smaller MP scaled cars fit inside trailer!
  • Roller pulls battle turret!
  • Highly Poseable!
  • Highly detailed after Optimus Prime's appearance in the original cartoon, he looks like he stepped off the screen!
  • Includes Starscream accessories to recreate his disguise in the cartoon to truck the humans and frame the Autobots!
  • Battle damaged head and side torso to recreate iconic battle with Megatron!
  • Spike/Sparkplug can sit in Prime's Cab!
  • Includes:
    • Optimus Prime/Convoy 3.0 Figure
    • Tractor Trailer with repair bay & Roller
    • Spike & Sparkplug Figures
    • Final Battle Head
    • Energon Axe
    • Ion Blaster
    • 2 Blast Effects/Jet Pack Flames
    • Starscream Shoulder Pieces & Head
    • Gas pump & Hose
    • Matrix Of Leadership
    • Jet Pack
    • Flight/Action Pose Stand


 *Box may have wear, which includes creases and/or dings

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