Newage H23EX Darius Metallic Movie Color Version

Newage is set to release Darius, an homage to the unstable and devious Decepticon leader Galvatron!  The EX version features a metallic paint scheme similar to that of the movie with a more more blueish hue compared to the purple of the original

  • Legends scale Galvatron
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • Figure stands at about 4.45 inches
  • Metaillic paint scheme
  • Transforms from cannon to robot
  • Includes:
    • 2 alternate face plates (for 3 in total)
    • 2 alternate pairs of hands (for 3 in total)
    • 1 2-fingers up left hand
    • Arm cannon
    • 1 planet shell to recreate the look of Grand Galvatron from the Japanese cartoon continuity
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  • $83.95

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