threezero G.I. Joe FigZero Firefly 1/6 Scale Figure

Following in threezero and Hasbro’s 1/6 scale G.I. Joe series is the COBRA Saboteur Firefly! No one knows Firefly’s true identity. He is an explosives expert and an accomplished pilot who is known for getting the job done.

Standing at 12” (30 cm) tall, the 1/6 Firefly collectible figure features our standard fully-articulated body with carefully replicated tailored costuming with finely-detailed camouflage pattern. 1/6 Firefly includes a sub-machine gun, pistol, combat knife, hand grenades, detonators, timebomb, biochemical bomb, backpack, and four sets of interchangeable hands. The combat knife can be sheathed in the right arm guard, and the magnetic detonators can be attached to the left thigh armor for storage.

  • Officially Licensed by Hasbro
  • Approximately 12” tall (~30 cm)
  • ~22 points of Articulation
  • Detailed Firefly head-sculpt
  • Made of ABS, PVC, POM, fabrics and magnet
  • Costume:
    • Tactical Googles
    • Fatigue Jacket
    • Shoulder Pads
    • Arm Guards with Sheath
    • Tactical Harness
    • Utility Belt with Holster
    • Fatigue Pants
    • Kneepads
    • Tactical boots
  • Includes:
    • Firefly figure
    • One (1) Sub-machine Gun
    • One (1) Pistol
    • One (1) Combat Knife
    • Four (4) Hand Grenades
    • Two (2) Magnetic Detonators
    • Two (2) Bombs: One (1) Timebomb, and one (1) Biochemical Bomb
    • One (1) Backpack with tools
    • Four (4) sets of interchangeable hands: One (1) pair of Fists, one (1) pair of Firearm Hands, one (1) pair of Relaxed hands, one (1) right Melee Hands, and one (1) left Detonator Hand.
    • No BATTERY required
    • MAGNET included (For Detonator storage)
422   – Reward points
  • $168.95

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