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Blokees Transformers Galaxy Class Wave 2 Single Blind Box

Attention, Autobots! The fate of Cybertron hangs in balance!

Get ready to deploy with the all-new Blokees Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS series! This exciting line of assembly character toys plunges you deeper into the Transformers universe, where epic battles meet heroic rescues. Build your ultimate rescue team with iconic Autobots and Decepticons!
Wave 2 kicks off strong with the start of 2 Legendary Teams, the Dinobots and Constructicons! Build on their epic rivalry, but beware, treachery is at hand with the arrival of Starscream! And things are not what they seem with the arrival of the Iconic Botcon Character: Shattered Glass Optimus Prime!
These hyper posable little model kits are easy and quick to build and ready for action! The use of ball joints and double shoulder joints allow for the personalities of these unique characters to really pop! 
Wave 2 Consists of Grimlock in Robot Mode, Grimlock in Dino Mode, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Hook, Inferno, Cliffjumper, Starscream, and Shattered Glass Optimus Prime! The Chase Figure is a Metallic Finish Dino Mode Grimlock!
This listing is for one blind box Blokees Transformers figure. It is randomly chosen and could be one of the 9 main figures, or the metallic chase.
*Box May Have Wear
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