X-Transbots MM-IV+ Master Mini Ollie + Diecast Reissue

  • Perfect G1 cartoon homages to Wheelie
  • Designed for Masterpiece or Classics collections
  • Highly articulated
  • Includes his signature slingshot and pistol
  • A must have for any G1 or Masterpiece collector
  • What's new:
    • Easily broken parts were refined and upgraded
    • Added heel stabilizer
    • Fist rotation has been enhanced to be much easier
    • Knees are tighter
    • Waist piece has more poseability
    • Wheels roll much smoother
    • Removed the stopper on the elbows that stopped rotation
    • Knee can go straighter for better poseability
    • Thighs are much tighter
    • Backpack slides more smoothly
    • Plastic is much thicker which in turn reduces the chance of stress marks
    • Car's exterior has a polished finishCockpit has a clear window (not pictured)
    • Die-cast thighs
    • New additional alternate face
    • Car rear end refinement
    • Arms now lock in under the vehicle
  • Includes:
    • Gun
    • Slingshot
    • New Face



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