Takara Transformers Offical Clear Display Stand

  • Official Takara product
  • A Takara universal connector peg makes it compatible with many of their existing figures
  • Depending on the figure- some can be displayed in one mode, and some in both modes (please see list below)
  • **Figures pictured sold separately**

    Here is an offical compatability list released by Takara. This list includes items that have been released already:

AD02 Classic Optimus Prime - Both Modes 
AD04 Classic Bumblebee - Both Modes
AD05 Dinobot Scorn - Both Modes
AD06 Crossarms (Crossfire) - Both Modes
AD21 Hound - Both Modes
AD22 Galvatron - Robot Mode
Only AD23 Drift - Both Modes
AD24 Strafe - Both Modes
AD25 Dinobot Slash - Both Modes
AD26 Lockdown - Vehicle Mode Only
AD27 Bumblebee - Robot Mode Only
AD28 Snarl - Both Modes
AD29 Slog - Both Modes  
AD32 Decepticon Stinger - Robot Mode Only
MP-25 Tracks & MP-26 Road Rage - Robot and Flight Modes
MP-27 Ironhide - Robot Mode Only
MP-28 Hot Rod - Robot Mode Only 
LG04 Roadbuster - Robot Only 
LG06 Sky-Byte - Shark Mode Only 
LG09 Brainstorm - Both modes
LG10 Arcee - Both modes 
LG-13 Megatron - Both modes
LG15 Nightbird Shadow - Both modes
UW02 - Dead End, Wildrider & Breakdown in Robot Mode & Dragstrip in Vehicle Mode
UW03 - Groove & Streetwise In Robot Mode

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