The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Soul of Chogokin GX-68X Star Gaogaigar Option Set [The Ultimate King of Braves]

A new set of optional power-up parts for Brave attack techniques have arrived in this Star Gaogagier Option Set (The Ultimate King of Braves version). New power-up parts include: Stealth Gao â…¡, two Ul-Tech engines, two ignition Ul-Tech Engine covers, Gatling Driver, Optional GAOGAIGER head part (Untransformable), optional GAIGER face part, Protect Ring, Phantom Ring, stand and support parts.

  • Wingspan is about 15.75 inches
  • Star Gaogaiger option set
  • Includes:
    • Stealth Gao II
    • Ultech Engine II
    • 2 Activated Ultech Engine cover
    • Protect ring
    • Phantom ring
    • Gatling Driver
    • Exchangeable Gaogaiger head (non-transforming)
    • Exchangeable Gaiger face parts
    • Stage set
    • Support parts
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  • $223.95

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